Poem in Lunch Ticket

The editors of Lunch Ticket, the literary magazine from Antioch University Los Angeles, have just accepted my poem “Fat Tuesday in Samsara” for publication! This is my first poem in verse to be accepted, and I am thrilled and honored to know that it will be included in the pages of Lunch Ticket. I will post a link to the issue once it is out.

New Fiction in storySouth Magazine

I’m delighted to have my flash fiction piece, “One of the Men,” in the new issue of storySouth.  The piece was inspired by a news story about three men causing trouble at a strip club, and as I wrote the first draft, the story quickly became about one of the on-scene observers. Of all of the flash pieces I’ve written, this is my favorite. The piece is available here. I hope you enjoy it!

New Flash Piece in Fiction Southeast

I’m thrilled to have my flash fiction piece, “Fingers Hooked,” in Fiction Southeast this week. The journal’s editors have been wonderful to work with in terms of responsiveness and organization, and I’m grateful to be included in their journal.

My flash pieces have largely been a space in which I’ve explored American settings — my full-length stories and the novel I’m working on have been set in my native Bosnia — and the process of writing them has felt expansive and freeing. I hope that you enjoy the piece.

Flash Piece in Midway Journal

I’m thrilled to have my absurdist little footnoted story in the new issue of Midway Journal!  I’ve always admired Midway’s aesthetic, and the editors have been wonderful to work with and incredibly attentive. You can read the piece here. Enjoy!

“The voice that emerged from the pages became so raw and tragic and comical and real that I wanted to kiss the pages of the book. I want to write like that.”

The gorgeous poet Alessandra Simmons recently interviewed me for her “5-9: Working Writers” series. We talked about current writing projects, perfectionism, and the need for approval. Her questions were a pleasure to contemplate, and they prompted me to think about craft more deeply. Here’s the interview!

alessandra simmons

lanaLana shared with us from her wells of wisdom a little over a year ago. Since then she’s been published in several journals. I wanted to learn more about what was fueling her so I asked her a few questions. And I’m so glad I did. Her honest self-reflection and love for the craft is mesmerizing and inspiring. Please read on and enjoy!

What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?

I’ve been swimming in flash fiction ideas. And every time I finish a new piece, I overhear a conversation between two octogenarians in the street or recall a summer-camp incident from my childhood, and off I go to start a whole new piece.

I’ve had twelve publication acceptances in the last year—mostly flash fiction—and this has increased my confidence in working with the genre. Acceptances and kind words from editors energize me to no end. I…

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Poem to Appear in Gargoyle Magazine from Paycock Press

I’m thrilled to announce that Gargoyle Magazine from Paycock Press will be publishing my prose poem, “Flinging Superstitions,” in their 40th anniversary issue! The issue will be out August/September of next year. The first time I submitted to Gargoyle was about ten years ago — as an undergraduate student at the University of Florida — and I’m excited to finally be included in their pages!