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World Literature Today (May 2023), “Silencing” (forthcoming)

Terrain.org, “Those Who Point Like Arrows” (forthcoming)

Epiphany  (Women Writing Women Series), “Family in the Foreign World

Bayou  (Issue 69), “Crumbs and Porcelain Cup

The Baltimore Review  (Spring 2018), “Peephole

Barely South Review  (Volume 9.02), “The Lump

Front Porch  (Issue 36), “Shifted

Watershed Review  (Fall 2016), “Secret Convention

Great Jones Street  (2016), “MorningLark35 Sent You a Message on FindYourBoo.com,” “Budget Flight on Christmas Day,” and “Lost Item at Sunday’s Ukrainian Day Picnic

storySouth  (Issue 41), “One of the Men

Fiction Southeast  (2015), “Fingers Hooked

Midway Journal  (Issue 9.4), “Photo Attachments for the Power Plant

Your Impossible Voice  (Issue 8),  “On a Flight to Singapore for a Weekend Shopping Trip,” and “Lost Item at Sunday’s Ukrainian Day Picnic” (Reprinted in Great Jones Street)

Restless  (2014), “On the Dalmatian Coast” (Reprinted in anthology Everywhere Stories, Vol. III  by Press 53)

Quarter After Eight  (Issue 21), “Text Message: University Crime Alert”

The Cortland Review  (Winter 2014 Feature), “The Accident
– Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

Atticus Review  (Reverb Issue), “Down into Sarajevo

Monkeybicycle  (2014), Soap Bubble Words
– Nominated for the 2015 storySouth Million Writers Award

3Elements Review  (Stories from Art), Elevator

The Greensboro Review (Issue 91),  “In the Baščaršija Quarter”
– Nominated for the Pushcart Prize


Barnstorm Journal (Volume 14, Issue 3), “Leslie’s Mansion in the Sky

Hawai’i Pacific Review (2021), Women Like Them

Gigantic Sequins (Issue 11),  Francisco, from My Class

The Rumpus (2020), “Geography of Peaks and Dips and Lights” (Reprinted in anthology Voices on the Move from Solis Press)

War, Literature & the Arts  (Issue 30), “No Firm Ground

Storm Cellar  (Issue 6.2)Sarajevo on the Phone

Fanzine  (2016), “In Search of Duende: A Memoir of the Bosnian War

Hobart  (2015), “Soul Retrieval in the Southwest

Prick of the Spindle  (Issue 8.2), The Virgin


The Louisville Review (Issue 92), “Buried Memory”

Crab Creek Review (2022 Spring Issue), “Why Do Woodpeckers Peck”

Denver Quarterly (Volume 53.3), “Break”

New Ohio Review (Issue 25), “After the Date

Moon City Review (2019),  “As God Intended”

Notre Dame Review (Summer/Fall 2018),  “Like a Stage Set, Still”

Zone 3 (Issue 32.2),  “Rose Horn”

Cider Press Review  (Issue 19.2), “On the Balcony

Hawai’i Pacific Review  (2017), “Bare Necessities” (Reprint forthcoming in anthology A Flame Called Indiana from Indiana University Press)

Gargoyle  (Issue 65), “Flinging Superstitions

Lunch Ticket  (Winter/Spring 2017), “Fat Tuesday in Samsara


Indiana Review (Issue 34.2),  “Review of Shannon Cain’s The Necessity of Certain Behaviors”

Indiana Review (Issue 33.2),  “Review of Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water”

Indiana Review (Issue 33.1),  “Review of Eileen Barrett and Ruth O. Saxton’s Approaches to Teaching Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway”