Flash Publications this Week

I’m thrilled to announce that my flash fiction piece “Shifted,” which was based on a real break-in, appears in the new issue of Front Porch. It is available online. My nonfiction piece, “Sarajevo on the Phone,” is also available this week from Storm Cellar Quarterly (in print or e-book format). The piece initially appeared in my chapbook earlier in the year.

I’ve recently started working on my novel again and may give short work a break for some time. The novel takes place in my native Sarajevo, and I’m loving the process of revisiting streets and buildings on the page.

Chapbook and Upcoming Flash Piece

I’m thrilled to announce that my chapbook, We Cradled Each Other in the Air, is available for purchase on Amazon. It contains a variety of meditations, lyrical pieces, and absurdist narrative shorts, and it’s part of a book-length volume with the chapbooks of writers Chella Courington and Diane Payne. I’m grateful to novelist Samrat Upadhyay for the following blurb:

“Spendl’s fiction pieces in this chapbook impress and instruct. These sharp gems are like, as Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer has said of this form, ‘flash of fireflies.’ With swift movements they illuminate the vulnerabilities and triumphs of the human soul.”

In other news, my new flash fiction piece, “Crumbs and Porcelain Cup,” will be published by Bayou Magazine from The University of New Orleans. I completed the piece recently–during a lunch break at a local coffee shop–and am excited to have found such a lovely home for it while still riding the high of writing it.

Chapbook Forthcoming from Blue Lyra Press

I’m thrilled to announce that my chapbook of flash fiction, tentatively titled We Cradled Each Other in the Air,  has been accepted for publication by Blue Lyra Press. The collection contains a varied assortment of my work — meditations, lyrical pieces, absurdist narrative scenes, a fairy tale — and I’m very excited for the opportunity to display all of these pieces side by side. Blue Lyra Press gathers three chapbooks by three different writers and publishes them together in full-length volumes for their Delphi Series. The book will be available for purchase in February 2017.

New Fiction in storySouth Magazine

I’m delighted to have my flash fiction piece, “One of the Men,” in the new issue of storySouth.  The piece was inspired by a news story about three men causing trouble at a strip club, and as I wrote the first draft, the story quickly became about one of the on-scene observers. Of all of the flash pieces I’ve written, this is my favorite. The piece is available here. I hope you enjoy it!

New Flash Piece in Fiction Southeast

I’m thrilled to have my flash fiction piece, “Fingers Hooked,” in Fiction Southeast this week. The journal’s editors have been wonderful to work with in terms of responsiveness and organization, and I’m grateful to be included in their journal.

My flash pieces have largely been a space in which I’ve explored American settings — my full-length stories and the novel I’m working on have been set in my native Bosnia — and the process of writing them has felt expansive and freeing. I hope that you enjoy the piece.

Flash Piece in Midway Journal

I’m thrilled to have my absurdist little footnoted story in the new issue of Midway Journal!  I’ve always admired Midway’s aesthetic, and the editors have been wonderful to work with and incredibly attentive. You can read the piece here. Enjoy!