Publications, and What I’m Reading

I am delighted to have my short story, “Peephole,” in the new issue of The Baltimore Review, alongside the work of some incredible writers. Check out the entire issue if you can. It’s available online. The day it came out, I spent half the night reading it. I have admired The Baltimore Review for some time—the work they publish is original and well crafted—and I feel honored to be included in their spring issue.

I was also happy to hear last week that Moon City Review will be publishing my poem, “As God Intended,” in their 2019 issue, which will debut at the AWP Conference in Portland next year. The poem is about the 17th century nun and soldier, Catalina de Erauso, and her play with gender roles. I will announce the publication here when the piece comes out.

I haven’t been writing much the last couple of weeks, but I have dedicated myself to reading. I’m setting up reading dates with myself on my calendar, and I’m always excited to see them pop up. I have been going to local coffee shops and bookstores and sitting for hours. At the moment, I’m reading Han Kang’s novel, The VegetarianIt is set in South Korea and centers on a married couple whose life is turned upside down when the wife has a dream about animal slaughter and refuses to eat meat or sleep with her husband because he smells of it. The writing focuses so entirely on the two main characters that I feel as if I’m watching a riveting stage play. Apart from this, I’m jumping around from book to book—mainly nonfiction: philosophy, history, gender studies—and the richness of other writers’ perspectives is fueling a lot of thought.

Writing News

Cold January left me feeling disconnected from my writing—on top of the weather, I had an endless case of the flu—but I’m slowly starting to feel like myself again. The flu even generated a vivid fever dream that I am turning into a prose poem. I have also started writing about Bosnia again—a short story from the perspective of an aging couple—and it feels significant to revisit the spaces of Sarajevo now. They are providing me with a sense of comfort, and they are generating childhood memories, as well.

I have not been finishing pieces, really. Rather, I’m endlessly changing, tweaking, and molding things, and also starting new work. It feels good to work without pressure or expectation.

Press 53 also notified me this week that they will anthologize a story of mine, “On the Dalmatian Coast.” I initially published the story in a small literary magazine and am excited to give it new life. It is a piece I wrote while in the MFA program seven years ago, and it meant a lot to me at the time. The piece will appear in volume three of the anthology Everywhere Stories this fall.

I also have an article about filmmaker Paul Shoulberg coming out next month in IU’s The College Magazine. Paul and I met at a coffee shop in Bloomington and had a lengthy and invigorating conversation about his creative work and views on life. I will link to the article here when it comes out.

In terms of readings, several of us former MFA’s from Indiana University will have a reading in Tampa during the AWP Conference in March. The reading will take place at Four Green Fields restaurant on Saturday, March 10th, at 5:00 p.m. So look to forward to being with these gorgeous writers and friends in a relaxed setting!

I’m so grateful for all these waves as they come. It’s such a pleasure to connect with other creative people and to examine my own inner spaces again through my work.

Poem in Lunch Ticket

The editors of Lunch Ticket, the literary magazine from Antioch University Los Angeles, have just accepted my poem “Fat Tuesday in Samsara” for publication! This is my first poem in verse to be accepted, and I am thrilled and honored to know that it will be included in the pages of Lunch Ticket. I will post a link to the issue once it is out.

Chapbook Forthcoming from Blue Lyra Press

I’m thrilled to announce that my chapbook of flash fiction, tentatively titled We Cradled Each Other in the Air,  has been accepted for publication by Blue Lyra Press. The collection contains a varied assortment of my work — meditations, lyrical pieces, absurdist narrative scenes, a fairy tale — and I’m very excited for the opportunity to display all of these pieces side by side. Blue Lyra Press gathers three chapbooks by three different writers and publishes them together in full-length volumes for their Delphi Series. The book will be available for purchase in February 2017.

New Flash Piece in Fiction Southeast

I’m thrilled to have my flash fiction piece, “Fingers Hooked,” in Fiction Southeast this week. The journal’s editors have been wonderful to work with in terms of responsiveness and organization, and I’m grateful to be included in their journal.

My flash pieces have largely been a space in which I’ve explored American settings — my full-length stories and the novel I’m working on have been set in my native Bosnia — and the process of writing them has felt expansive and freeing. I hope that you enjoy the piece.

Flash Piece in Midway Journal

I’m thrilled to have my absurdist little footnoted story in the new issue of Midway Journal!  I’ve always admired Midway’s aesthetic, and the editors have been wonderful to work with and incredibly attentive. You can read the piece here. Enjoy!

Poem to Appear in Gargoyle Magazine from Paycock Press

I’m thrilled to announce that Gargoyle Magazine from Paycock Press will be publishing my prose poem, “Flinging Superstitions,” in their 40th anniversary issue! The issue will be out August/September of next year. The first time I submitted to Gargoyle was about ten years ago — as an undergraduate student at the University of Florida — and I’m excited to finally be included in their pages!