CAConrad’s intelligent and moving essay, “The Queer Voice: Reparative Poetry Rituals & Glitter Perversions,” appears on the Poetry Foundation website today. The essay describes the ways in which queer voices and bodies have been pushed to destruction in the political climate of the last several decades, and it combats this destruction by celebrating diversity through the use of glitter and everything the product represents. Here’s a touching excerpt:

“Our glitter covers the world!” This is Henry Ruschmann’s slogan, our triumphant inventor of modern glitter. Plastic, metal, grind it up, keep it in your shirt pocket in case you walk by a very sad place, then sprinkle a little red and purple with a touch of gold. Glitter will turn any unhappy thing around… Glitter is not enabling denial of the world’s pain but instead helps us endure the bleak results of those who are in denial of how we need one another. If you have a scar or bent nose that has become the center of your life trust me when I say own it and apply glitter blush directly, immediately. Before you die join me in loving our flesh, loving our lives. Our attempts at living beyond the judgments of others do not always work, but it is worth a try. I am not much for religion, but I would follow The Ruschmann Glitter Cult. There would be a very shiny commune for us with edible glitter in every cocktail and plate of food, glitter flowing through us at all times.