I’ve admired Hobart Literary Journal for years now — they always publish such interesting and quirky pieces — and I’m thrilled to say that my personal essay, “Soul Retrieval in the Southwest,” is on their website today. It describes my encounter with a shaman at a party, as well as the hypnosis session that follows. You can read the whole essay on their page, but here’s an excerpt:

People stood and sat around us, sipping cold beer and chatting. Singing Humyn and I began to discuss interpersonal relationships, and I divulged that I was sensitive to the emotional states of others. She told me that I could be a healer then as well. If only I channeled my energies in the right way. The thinker in me flinched at the idea of “energies,” but deep down I was pleased to no end. I imagined myself as a sturdy woman in skirts and silver earrings, pounding the earth with my bare feet in dance. In the fantasy, dark skies churned above my head.